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Hi, my name is Dakota!

I am the founder of The Groovy Goat Co., a boutique digital shop and market vendor featuring handmade, vegan, and all-natural goods located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Inspired by the love for my twin Nigerian Dwarfs, Jack & Diane, and their adopted sister, Sandy, what started as a craft and passion project turned into an established small business in May of 2020. 

At The Groovy Goat Co., we believe in a green lifestyle and the ethical treatment of animals and our planet. It is our mission to make a difference in achieving a kinder and gentler world for all by encouraging the habitual use of handmade, vegan products made with NO harsh chemicals, NO artificial coloring, and NO animal testing EVER! We commit to our purpose through our monthly beneficiary program in which a select animal rescue sanctuary or environmental nonprofit receives a donation including 10% of monthly proceeds.
In a single purchase, you:
🌱 support small and ethical business
🌱 contribute to animal welfare
🌱 spread peace, love, and understanding (cue in Elvis Costello 🎶)
🌱 limit waste as our packaging is 100% compostable/recyclable


Our products are available via our website and feature marketplaces as well as Martin's Home & Garden and Quinn's Mercantile of Murfreesboro. If you follow us on social media (@thegroovygoatco), you'll be able to further learn about our ingredients, events, and the animals/organizations we support.

I’m so happy to share The Groovy Goat Co. and look forward to what we can accomplish for the greater good, together.

Peace, Love, & Goats,

Dakota Heflin




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