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The Groovy Goat Co. is a boutique digital shop and market vendor featuring handmade, vegan, and all-natural goods locally crafted in Murfreesboro, TN by founder/owner, Dakota Heflin.


How did this little (but mighty) company come together?

Heflin, who has a performance background and is an avid music junkie, spent eight years prior as a publicist in the music industry---four of which she founded/operated her own firm, Songshine Media---working for acts such as Billy Ray Cyrus, Ty Herndon, Camille Rae, Joe & Martina, Jake Loban, various music festivals and more. In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, Heflin initially took on the hobby of making bath bombs for loved ones as a crafty distraction. With a combination of Heflin's passion for music and the love she holds for her twin Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy goats, Jack & Diane, and their adopted sister, Sandy, The Groovy Goat Co. came to fruition in May of 2020 with a line of bath and body products that were authentically derived from classic rock songs and the scents in which each inspired.


Where does animal welfare come into play?

At The Groovy Goat Co., we believe in a green lifestyle and the ethical treatment of animals and our planet. It is our mission to make a difference in achieving a kinder and gentler world for all by encouraging the habitual use of handmade, vegan, and all-natural products made with NO harsh chemicals, NO artificial coloring, and NO animal testing EVER! We commit to our purpose through our monthly beneficiary program in which a select animal rescue/sanctuary or environmental nonprofit receives a donation including 10% of monthly proceeds. Thus far, organizations we have recognized include The Gentle Barn, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Sgt. Pepper's Friends, Animal Rescue Corps, Fabled Farm, Barn Sanctuary, Operation Education Animal Rescue, Villalobos Rescue Center, and more!


In a single purchase, you:

🌱 support small, local businesses

🌱 contribute to animal welfare

🌱 enhance your knowledge of rock 'n roll history

🌱 spread peace, love, and understanding (cue in Elvis Costello 🎶)

🌱 limit waste as our packaging is 100% compostable/recyclable

Peace, Love, & Goats,

Dakota Heflin




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